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Handpainted - Farewell Yellow Threads Necklace

Handpainted - Farewell Yellow Threads Necklace


The perfect accessory to your "it's a small world" Disney Bound outfit! This handpainted necklace is the perfect nod to the Farewell banner seen in the finale of the attraction. 



.25 inches thick, length of necklace approximately 9" from clasp to pendant.



Acrylic paint, Uni-Posca markers, acrylic sealer matte finish, embroidery thread, laser cut natural wood pendant

  • Wear and Care Instructions

    Each wood necklace is coated with acrylic sealer matte finish. Proper care instructions are listed below to insure a long life for your wearable art. 


    • Always store necklace in an air-tight bag to avoid dust and moisture. You can risk damage to your wood jewelry with long exposure to water.
    • When not being worn, do not leave your wood jewelry in your car, in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. 


    • Avoid the use of hair spray, perfumes, lotions etc. while wearing your jewelry. In addition also avoid contact with soaps, insect repellents, sunscreens or any harsh chemicals. Such products may cause discolouration or damage.


    • Use a non-abrasive microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface of your wood jewelry daily to avoid dust and dirt buildup.
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